How can I filter e-mails from

The number of legitimate emails from that are deleted or automatically forwarded to SPAM or BULK folders is constantly increasing as software and email service providers have implemented new anti-spam filters.

Below are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure that emails from us are delivered to you properly. You can start by adding (Contact Form) to your safe contact list or to the list of senders authorised by your email service provider or anti-spam software.

Although the information is updated at the time of publication, the names of buttons and menu options can be changed later. We therefore advise you to check the menus available in your e-mail.



·         Go to the Contacts section on the left side of your Gmail page.

·         Click Add to Contacts.

·         Enter the address at in the available field.

·         Click Create/Add.

·         Click Save

·         If the message is in your SPAM folder, check the box for that message and click the Not Spam button at the top of the page.



If you haven't received an expected email, you can choose one of the following options:


·         Check your Spam folder.

·         If you find the expected message from in your Spam folder, open the email and click the Not Spam button in the menu bar.



·         Click on the arrow next to the New option and Select New Group. Enter the group name.

·         Under Add member, enter a name or email address and then select the contact from the address book.

·         Once you have added all members, complete the registration process by selecting the Save button.



iCloud automatically identifies most spam emails sent to your address or other versions of it and forwards them to your Spam folder.

To mark an email as non-spam:


·         Click on the Spam folder in the sidebar. Select the e-mail from and click the Non-spam button at the top of the page.

·         The targeted message will be transferred to your main Inbox. Subsequently, messages coming from this address will no longer be automatically marked as spam.

·         After 30 days, messages in the Spam folder are automatically deleted. Check this folder regularly to validate relevant messages as such.


Outlook 2003 or recent versions:

To add to Authorized Senders in Outlook:


·         Select the email received from by right-clicking.

·         From the menu displayed, select Junk (spam).

·         Click Don't block this sender from the available menu.

·         You will receive the following pop-up confirmation message: The sending address of the selected message has been added to the list of authorized senders.

·         Click on OK.

·         To add to your contacts:

·         Open the email received from

·         Place the mouse over the address.

·         Select Open contact sheet from the drop-down menu.

·         Select Add to Outlook Contacts.

·         Click on Save.


Windows Live Mail

·         Open the message from to add it to your contact list.

·         Right-click on the address and select Add sender to contacts.


·         Click on Add contact in the email header.

·         Check the contact details and click Add Contact.


Mozilla Thunderbird

·         Click on Agenda.

·         Select Personal Calendar.

·         Click the New Tab button. A window with 3 sections will open: Contacts, Address and Other.

·         Go to the Contacts section and enter the address at in the appropriate field.

·         Click on OK.



·         Select the message from by right-clicking.

·         Select Add to Contacts from the drop-down menu.

·         Check the details associated with the new contact.



·         Open the desired message.

·         Select the message you want to add to your contact list by right-clicking and select Add sender to Address Book.

·         Check the details associated with the new contact, then close the created tab.


Anti-Spam Software

·         SpamPal

·         Right-click on the SpamPal symbol.

·         Select Add to Secure Contacts from the menu displayed.

·         Enter:

·         Click on Add.



·         Select Tools, click Unauthorized Contacts and then click Friends.

·         From the right side of the Friends list, select Add.

·         Check the Wildcard expression option.

·         Enter:

·         Click OK.

·         Click OK again.


Spam Sleuth

·         Click on File, then on Configuration.

·         Go to the Friends category.

·         Check the Active option.

·         Enter in the appropriate section.

·         Click OK.


McAfee Spamkiller

·         Select Friends from the sidebar.

·         Click Add.

·         Check the All users in this domain option in the Friends Type section.

·         Click OK.



·         View the Potential Spam folder.

·         In case the email from has been filtered, select that message and tick the Forward to Inbox and Mark as non-spam option.



·         Click on Configure.

·         Go to the Confirmed senders section.

·         Click Add from the Confirmed senders and recipients menu.

·         Enter:

·         Click OK.



·         Select Friends from the menu bar.

·         Click Add.

·         Enter:

·         Click OK


Spameater Pro

·         Select Filters from the sidebar.

·         Go to the Authorized Senders section.

·         Select Add Filter.

·         Enter: in the appropriate field.

·         Select Email Domain from the Address Type menu options.

·         Click OK.



Norton AntiSpam

·         Open Norton AntiSpam and go to the Status and Settings section.

·         Select AntiSpam from the middle of the screen.

·         Select the yellow Configure button at the bottom (right) of the screen.

·         Go to the Allowed List section (second from the menu).

·         Click the Add button.

·         Enter: in the appropriate field.

·         Click OK.


Spam Interceptor

·         Follow the Trusted LinkText from the Trusted Lists menu.

·         Enter:

·         Click on Add


Spam Inspector

·         Go to Spam Inspector and select the Manage Friends List option from either the Outlook menu or the Spam Inspector menu bar.

·         Under the Add Friend option, select the targeted email.

·         Select the domain.

·         Enter:

·         Click on the >> button.

·         Click on Close.


In case the filters used redirect messages from to Bulk or Spam folders, we advise you to add to your Address Book and/or Contact List.


You can also forward messages to your Inbox or use the forward option.

In case your filters continue to redirect messages from to Bulk or Spam folders, we advise you to contact the support team of your email provider / SPAM filters to be able to receive our emails in the future.

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